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Fighting For Fairness After A Delivery Truck Accident

Delivery trucks are a common sight on Florida roads. Their substantial size and limited visibility make these vehicles a significant risk to others on the road. What’s more, delivery truck drivers often face the pressure of tight schedules, which can lead to speeding or distracted driving. And when accidents happen, the situation can get complicated quickly due to the commercial nature of these vehicles.

I’m Christian Ferrer, a personal injury lawyer in Miami. I handle delivery truck accidents for injury victims across Florida. I know how to approach the complexities of these cases to hold the right parties accountable and get you the compensation you need.

Level The Playing Field With My Help

When you’re up against major delivery companies like Amazon, FedEx, UPS, DHL and others, you’re dealing with some of the most powerful players in the industry. They have complex commercial insurance policies and legal teams devoted to protecting their interests. That’s why you need a lawyer who will stand up for you.

I can level the playfield. I take a strategic approach when dealing with delivery companies and their insurers. I’ll make sure you don’t get swept under the rug or shortchanged.

Injured By A Delivery Truck? Let’s Discuss Your Legal Options.

Whether the collision involves another vehicle or a pedestrian struck by a delivery truck, I am here to help. Call my firm, Ferrer Law PA, at 844-220-5612 for a free consultation. I operate on a contingency fee basis, which means there are no attorney fees unless I obtain compensation for you.